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Originally Posted by whitetailcrazy View Post
Illinois is not the state it once was with quality of deer... Indiana is surpassing Illinois by leaps and bounds with their 1 Buck limit. You can see on the TV shows how they are targeting Indiana... Illinois was all about the almighty dollar and not the quality of the deer herd. I have a few friends from Michigan who had deer hunted in Illinois for years and now say why waste their time and money on average deer, 1 has moved on to Iowa and the other to Indiana, much closer to home and much cheaper!
I agree. EHD has taken a toll, but Illinois hasn't cared about the herd for years, just the $$$. I have a farm in Fayette and every year I see less and less deer. When I first bought my farm I used to see 5 to 10 deer an evening. Now I get excited to see one deer! I have many food plots to entice the deer, but if the deer are scarce, the food plots are empty. Illinois lets too many deer get taken. Unlimited tags on does with a bow for the almighty $$$.
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