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Hey Guys,

So Nice buck Sniper!

Well our adaptive sportmens hunt went well. The hunter I took on for the weekend got a nice doe. She made a perfect shot while balancing in her wheel chair and shooting one hand while the crossbow rested on the window! Truly awesome. Even got to see a tracking dog in action. Short trail to follow but fun to watch the dog none the less. I am working on the video now...great footage!

My bro came to full draw on a basket 6...would have been his first but the buck spooked right before he could get a shot off.

The big 16 point we call splits---came in at 1am to the place where we shot the doe earlier. Maybe we can get up there in a week or two to try the rut.

Hunting back home this weekend. No real signs of the rut yet. With this cold though I am guessing we will pop soon.

PJ--I am a 2nd grade teacher!

Stay safe--
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