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Default Couldn't agree with you more.

Originally Posted by bigbuck57 View Post
Didn't see anything mentioned about Wisconsin. Iowa is much harder to get a tag for nonresidents especially archery, Illinois is under subscribed. Kentucy and ohio are both one buck states. I have hunted Illinois for many years as a non-resident, I think its a great state to hunt but not near as good as a few years ago.

Illinois is not the state it once was with quality of deer... Indiana is surpassing Illinois by leaps and bounds with their 1 Buck limit. You can see on the TV shows how they are targeting Indiana... Illinois was all about the almighty dollar and not the quality of the deer herd. I have a few friends from Michigan who had deer hunted in Illinois for years and now say why waste their time and money on average deer, 1 has moved on to Iowa and the other to Indiana, much closer to home and much cheaper!
Let young bucks go, so they can grow! Practice QDM.
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