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It appears he is widely known on MANY forums for doing the same thing he does here.


He apparently lives in San Jose. He was busted for trafficking marijuana some years back, and I seem to recall that he lost his house, perhaps as a direct result of that bust. I'm sure all that contributed greatly to fueling his paranoia and tendency to see conspiracies by the feds. He certainly believes that the feds have some very profound reason for persecuting him.

Its all about him

This was an intentional weapon proliferation in Mexico. The purpose was to turn Mexico into a killing field to prevent Kat Sung to enter Mexico. Kat Sung was denied to enter Canada in October 2009


In 1991, because an acquaintance was arrested for drug smuggling, I was under surveillance by law enforcement agent. They used isotope money as tracer which hurt my health badly. After I complained this I found I was frequently under microwave radiation which cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, ...
And it goes on and on and on and on and on with just a simple Google search.

This is the best solution i have found but it does not stop him from habitually bumping his posts....... This message is hidden because katsung47 is on your ignore list.

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