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I thought the CPL class was a good one. The suggested rules were an overview of how to handle yourself while armed. Of course there are exceptions to any general rule.
"Suggested rules"? Thought they were "the" rules, period. The only standard rule seems to be "call 911 and otherwise don't get involved".

You never answered any of my questions. What if if were your little girls being dragged to a van, and your neighbors decided to "follow the rules"? Just call 911 from a safe distance, but otherwise don't get involved, even if they could feasibly stop your girls from being taken? Not so black and white anymore, is it?

It was made quite clear that carrying a gun doesn't make you a crime fighter.
Who said it does? NOBODY! If you can't argue the actual points and facts, should that not be telling you something? Quit propping up straw men so you have something to knock down.

What is the problem with doing the right thing, regardless if you are armed or not? My brother saved a guy's life a few years ago. The guy was literally being stomped to death by a member of a bike gang. His "offense" was flirting with the biker's girlfriend. My brother didn't fly in and tackle the guy, he used reasoning and diffused the situation. I don't think I ever saved a life, but I have talked people out of violent situations.

You may actually know more about the law than a police officer But a police officer has a very substantial amount of training in being a crime fighter than the average citizen will ever have no matter how much TV you watch.
Lol--and you can attend as many classes as you want, and read as many books as you want, and parrot them all you want--they will never replace real life experience. FYI, my brother is now an LEO. He wasn't at the time he saved the guy's life. Your little jab missed by a mile.

If a police officer shoots someone in the line of duty, there will be an investigation. But, unless there are some very unusual circumstances it will start with the presumption that the shooting was justified. But that won't be the case if you shoot someone, even if the circumstances clearly indicate that it was justified.
You have no idea what you are talking about--it depends on the situation. In some cases the cop will be sued no matter what, in some cases you won't be harrassed for defending yourself. Where I live, I'm confident that jesse jackson and al sharpton would be shown the door in short order. Zimmerman followed the laws, but now is on trial for murder.

Here's an example of what I'm saying. Last winter, right here in our town, a homeowner shot a guy who broke into the house and killed him. There is no duty to retreat here if you are in your own home. In fact there is no duty to retreat if you are anywhere. And if you shoot someone and it's determined to be justified, there is no civil liability either. Okay, back to the story. The prosecutor "investigated' for three weeks before announcing that they would not bring charges. So the guy had to hire a lawyer, just in case, and sweat for three weeks while the prosecutor "investigated." Our county prosecutor is extremely anti-gun by the way.
One instance doesn't prove anything, except it can happen there. That wouldn't happen here.

None of these debates has changed my mind.
To quote Gomer Pile (Jim Nabors), "Surprise surprise surprise!" Even though you can't answer my questions, or even state what we suppossedly "learned" from the Zimmerman case, you made your mind up. You had it made up from the beginning, regardless of the evidence presented. Not very scientific.

Zimmerman and Martin were both stupid.
Your opinion. If Martin had been some sort of serial rapist, murderer, molester, etc. I dare say you'd be applauding him for his bravery.

At any rate, how was he "stupid"? He obeyed the law--even obeyed your instructor--but that was stupid?

Yes, I agree that the media and assorted race pimps are probably responsible for the fact that Zimmerman is being prosecuted for murder.
PROBABLY??????? As I understood it, the police were writing it up as a classic case of self defense until the race baiters got involved.

Still, what if Martin had been armed? What if he had stuck Zimmerman with a knife before he could get to his gun?
What if Zimmerman had followed the rules of the law, done just what the 911 operator told him to do, and even followed the instruction you were given in your CCW class? Oh wait...he did do all those things. And that's stupid?

Guess it's different when it's not your life or your family's life on the line. The people I know would defend your life, your children's lives, your hubby's life--even if we don't know you. Guess we rather be "stupid" than let someone die because of cowardice.

THC is not like meth or lsd or pcp... it simply doesn't affect people in that way.
You base that on opinion. Drugs affect different people in different ways. Even asprin. Drugs that make one person drowsy may make another hyper, and vice-versa. Alchohol makes one person giggly and sleepy, the next wants to fight and run wild--but "technically" it's a depressant. Even different types of alchohol affect people differently.

I'm no expert, but I have a good friend who used to work closely with the DEA (retired). He's seen cases of people acting like they were on meth or LSD, when it was nothing but pot. Then there are people who can do the really hard stuff and act normal. There's no "rules" with the stuff, anymore than any other drug.
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