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Originally Posted by Catus Magnus View Post
I've got to wonder... do you really believe that Sebelious actually wished death upon this little girl? I think that's very unlikely. I've no doubt some people really DO believe that. These guys here, they probably believe it:

Here's hoping that little girl makes a full recovery - which is probably the same thing that Sebelious hopes, were you to ask her.
I don't think that Sebelious really cares one way or the other. All she cares about is what her form letter tells her to care about. This is the life of a precious child, and she had the power to move her onto the adult donor list with the stroke of a pen, AND SHE REFUSED.

She does not care one whit for the health and welfare of any of the millions of Americans who will be under her control when obamacare is fully implemented. She only cares about the level of control she will have.
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