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Did you read the whole thing? This has nothing to do with trolling at all. As a long time member since 1998 it has nothing to do with trolling. I still call b.s. on the story and sticking by it. Who the hell are you to tell him wtf to do. It's guys like you that kill me sitting talking bull behind a pc. You sure ignored my ethics comment above to which it doesn't surprise me. Instead you like to attack with the troll card. Now it's time to move on!
Originally Posted by bghunter777 View Post
The ethics police on the internet are pathetic listen to yourself. Occupy yourself helping conservation or promoting hunting take a kid hunting like the person in question was in this post. Do something useful with yourself as appose to trolling the internet about a picture someone posted and then to say I'm no better? Get off your high horse and stop putting yourself on some platform above others. You don't know the person I am or even remotely the situation or person the hunter in the picture is. Its sickening "to me someone with your attitude is much worse than someone posting a picture with a gun of a deer"

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