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As promised, photo comparison.

Side by side comparison. Notice that the only real differences are the magnification ring and turret caps.

Close up of turrets. ZA5 on the right, ZV3 on the left. Both are 1/4 MOA clicks. The ZV3 feels a little "tighter" but doesn't audibly click when adjusting.

Another view of turrets. ZA5 on the right, ZV3 on the left. Notice the set screws on the ZA5 turrets. It may be hard to see, but there are set screws on the ZV3 turrets as well.

Close up of focusing ring and magnification ring. Aside from markings and the construction of the magnification ring, distances and clearances appear to be the same.

Close up of objective. The ZA5 is the one that is marked WETZLAR GERMANY - I was incorrect at first, this ZA5 does not say SCHOTT, I may have been thinking of the 4-20x50. The thickness of the bodies themselves are identical - if you hold objectives end-to-end, they are exact.
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