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Originally Posted by Mojotex View Post
OK .. here I go ! And I am prepared to duck the Nikon fans!!

I traded for a rifle had a 2011 vintage Nikon Monarch mounted on it. The scope was a 50mm varialble. Because it MSRP's for a tidy sum, and becasue I have a Nikon Venturer bino that I really like, I was prepared to replace an Elite 4200 that was on my ML with the Monarch.

But before I did, I decided to see how just good this scope realy was. I "tested" the Monarch against several others that I ahd that were in the $500-700 range. Long story short, I sold the Monarch and left the 4200 in place. I was stunned at the poorer quality of the image and how "quick" the Monarch became useless as the light faded. Unless there has been a heck of an upgrade of the Monarch since 2011, I'd not buy one. There are better values out there in my opinion.
Yep for the money it is really hard to beat the Bushnell Elite 4200 and 6500, top notch glass as good or better than alot more expensive scopes have. I think everyone knows what I think about Nikon, they should stick with cameras!!! Burris is decent but not my first choice either.
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