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Default Where did the turkeys go?

So here is the private farm that I hunt turkeys. When we were scouting we were seeing over 80 turkeys that would roost in the trees that are circled in white. They would all head out to the east following the white arrow and go about 3/4 of a mile away to a road and then disappear into the tamaracks for the day. Opening weekend however due to a mix up of communication between us and the land owner, they were pushed out by a group of boyscouts who camped down there. They crossed the river south and have slowly been returning ever since. Now my question is this...

Sunday morning my buddy and I went and hunted that farm and we heard jakes and tom's gobbling and then they all came of the roost. Then all the turkeys took off following the red line and disappeared. We went back that night thinking they would come back to the roost but they never did. So we went back out the next morning and went into the trees on the west and never heard them again. Where do you think they would have gone and why would they not come back to the roost that they are in almost every night. Is this normal turkey behavior or did they get pushed a little more than I thought.

Sorry really long read but I wanted you guys to have all the information! Thanks!
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