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Well Rackluster...its nice to see how things progressed over the past 5 years and what equipment You found to work the best for Your soil.We've just went up in the Big Timber where we hunt and used the small King Kutter ATV disc like You mentioned to break up new fresh soil and we planted 4 small food plots of Durana Clover near our stands where we Deer Hunt.

Luckily the Land Owner usually plows and Disc's up the larger Food Plots we use and hunt near on our Lease,then we go in and plant the seed with a 4-Wheeler then lightly cover the seed with the soil by dragging the mesh diamond shaped fencing also so its lightly covered up.We usually plant a combination of Rape,Brassicas,Turnips and Groundhog Raddishes with some wheat around the edges for good measure.

Here at the Family Farm we use a smaller 4-wheel drive Ford to plow with then disc the soil and spread seed with electric spreader then lightly disc or drag the soil over to cover the seed up.We planted sunflower seeds,oats and more Durana Clover in different food plots this April.
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