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I ultimately have to ask, "why?" What are you trying to gain by resetting the bh and ata? Poundage I get, but the other? Who cares?[/quote]

I have the bow tuned to shoot bullet holes through paper, I have my broadheads hitting very close to my field tips, but to get that the center shot of my rest is at "3/4 of an inch, wich is not where most of these bows tune I am told. I need to adjust my yoke tune at the same time, this bow has never been as forgiving as I think it should be. I am hoping to get it in Spec and get better perfomance.

So I guess the why is just to try and eak max performance out of the bow,

I always thought a bow should go to spec with enough tweaking and I have always heard they perform best that way.....

Plus its febuary, there is nothing to hunt and I have a new bow press coming
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