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Originally Posted by wvdeerhunter22 View Post
I have a Destroyer 340. According to the tag that came with the bow, the factory specs are 32 5/8 ATA and 7 1/8" BH. 70lb draw

Currently My bow is 32 3/8" ATA and 7 1/4" BH and maxed out at 66 lbs.

My new EZ press should arrive this week and I would appreciate any info on:

1) What twists, in what direction should I make to the string/ cable to get the ATA right

2) What twists do I need to make to get the BH right

3) What do I need to do to get the weight up to 70.

4) Also, I need to adjust cam lean slightly in toward the riser, am I correct in assuming the proper way is to add twists to the shelf side of the yokes
How old are the current strings and cables on this bow?
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