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I just written a post about 10 minutes ago..but I accidently lost it..

Positives..the fish is still alive.


Negatives...I met a devout ,God fearing taxidermist at a Big Buck Expo...a second to noe fish was 450.00 a little more than a skin mount..

All of this is from my straight up conservative Christian's mouth..

--.all though you measure girth and lengh..there are only just a few manigans to choose from..we choose the closest one to your fish.

NOT even could stick a softball in my 10 pounders mouth ..with the replica you'd be hard pressed to put a hardball in it.

my fish was nearly 25 inches..the fish I got back was 22....looked more like an 8 pounder at best..I took it back..and got 200.00 of my 450.00 back

yes the paint job was great..but nothing like my tore up tail 10 pounder..If I was your friend I'd get an 8 x 10 from Walmart and frame it..much cheaper..
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