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I had a buddy that had a pro-team 175 which is a couple models bigger than the panfisher as it was a 17 footer. The tracker all-weld design is awsome and long lasting. As far as the floor boards, a few days over the summer will have that fixed, just make sure you use treated wood. As far as depth, my friends 175s depth finder stopped reading at .9 ft so given the fact that your tranceiver is about 3-6 inches below the water line I would say about a foor and a half deep. however, we have had it in water a bit over ankle deep and finally had to get ot and push it. Blinds for these boats are usually easy to find but can get a bit pricey. Cabelas has a few ranging from 250 w/o the cover material on up. I would get that then find some cheap military camo netting at the closest military salvage store.
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