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Originally Posted by Topgun 3006 View Post
Man that is some BS if you can't even practice with your bow in your own backyard as long as there is no chance of an arrow getting off the property.
"No chance" is a pretty big assumption. I let my buddy shoot my bow once. (His first time ever). He drew back with the arrow pointing up in the air and accidentally released my arrow at a 45 degree angle down range before I could even explain to him ow to shoot the thing. That would have to be a pretty big city lot to have "no chance" of it leaving the property.

Where I live, you can't discharge anything. Not even a slingshot. (That's another story about how I found that out).

If I had new neighbors move in and the first thing they are doing is shooting animals in the backyard my first thought would be "great,....hillbillies......"
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