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Trust me, I'm well versed on what the V-max is capable of out of the 6.8SPC on coyotes, and I'd still be hard pressed to take it after bobcats or fox. I'm even hesitant to use the 110grn V-max on coyotes during the winter (don't keep pelts during the summer months).

The difference in performance (read: difference in exit wound damage, and price knocked off of the value of my hides) impacting a 100lb+ Whitetail deer compared to a 20-30lb Bobcat or a 12-15lb red fox is quite dramatic. When I'm fur hunting, I prefer not to have an exit wound at all, especially in bobcats or fox.

Granted, I'm a fur hunter. There are tons of new "predator hunters" that jumped on the bandwagon in the last few years that don't know anything about fur hunting, they just bought a small caliber rifle and went out with an E-caller. Frankly, it aggravates me that some guys waste cats or fox, sure, the time it takes to put up a coyote hide is hardly worth the time, but fox and cats are worth it.

To whom do I sell hides? There's a network of furbuyers spread out all over the country, there's four or five buyers within a few hours from me. Want to find one in your state? Contact your state DNR, ask around at your local coop's, check in FFG, etc etc. Eastern hides (bobcat, fox, coyotes) won't be worth as much as they are out west, but they're still worth pretty dang good money (3 or 4 nice cats without much damage will buy you a new rifle).

Frankly, if you get a cat, ask the ranger that tags it for you if he knows any furbuyers. You're required to tag all bobcats, and most of the conservation officers in a state will know of a few buyers around their area.
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