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LCP with the Laser Max or Crimson Trace gets my vote.

That said, the LCP fits my hand better than the Bodyguard, but that doesn't apply to everyone so see which one fits your hand best. They are both good guns. The biggest issue I have with the laser on the Bodyguard is while it does already come with one, I don't like it. The switch is extremely hard to turn on and off at least on the ones I've seen, and you hit it once to turn the laser on and again to get it to flash, then a third time to turn it off. Not to mention you really have to push on the button just right for it to do any of these. IMO that's not the kind of setup I want to be fumbling around with in the middle of the night.

The Lasermax or CT laser are much much nicer.

As for the above poster saying he would get rid of his LCP if he could find someone that wanted it, since this is a hot selling gun nearly everywhere in the country, if he really felt that way, I'm sure he would have already gotten rid of it as you can get rid of them very easily without taking a big loss unless you really overpaid.
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