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Give 'em heck, Talondale. Sounds like some good potential.

KSBOHUNTR, maybe a good place to renew hunting acquaintances with.

Been fun here the last few days, but nothing to to show for it yet. Had a nice doe 20 yd off one morning but branches in the way. Got into a better position and then ranged her at 30, but she departed as I started to draw. Nice 4x4 broadside at 25 yd on another occasion but, of course, I`ve already clipped my buck tag. This evening I had deer all around, including half a dozen at 60 yards. While I waited for one to decide to come my way, some nearby duck hunters let out with a barrage and all the deer melted into the bush. Talked to one of the guys at dark and he said they wouldn`t be there tomorrow, so I think I`ll try again.
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