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I have a CVA Hawken in .54 has a 1:48" twist, and will only shoot PRBs and T/C maxiballs (and maxihunters) worth a damn.....later found it shoots the LEE traditional minie ball fairly well also.
My primary hunting load is 90 grains of FFFg under a patched round ball that I cast myself....this is my go-to whitetail load. I've taken a bison with it using 100 grains of FFg and the T/C maxiballs.
Tips? I have a few....1.) carry a spare ramrod & short starter with you on hunting trips. Nothing will ruin a hunt quicker than not being able to load your gun. 2.) prior to popping a couple of caps on the gun to "dry it out" prior to loading, I run a couple of alcohol patches down the bore (you can get them from any pharmacy) to help remove any oils that might contaminate the charge. I usually run two alcohol patches then a dry patch, fire a cap, then load. Also, after popping the cap, I take my nipple pick and make sure that there is NO blockage from the nipple to the drum.
When loading, I make sure the muzzle is pointed away from me, and then tilt the gun to the side with the drum....I do this because some of the powder will end up in the drum, ensuring a positive ignition. I used to take the nipple off and trickle some powder in there, replace the nipple, then cap.....but that was too tedioius; the tilt technique is just as good and simple. However, if you have a bad charge (contaminated with oil, ect), the trickle powder trick works well to set off the charge and clear the bore.
I usually keep a couple of measured charges in glass containers capped with a cork....makes reloading a little faster without having to fumble with measures, horns, flasks, ect.
I also take some white out correction fluid an paint the front helps it to stand out in low light conditions.
Good luck..............
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