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Ive never killed anything "to dead" & either of my 7mags are great. (As is my 7-08 & 280) the 7mag is THE most popular mag on the market & there are ALOT of them in TN! Honestly most 7mag ammo is not loaded very hot. The cartridge has alot more to offer when handloaded.

I have no drug/drinkn issues & I'm faithful to my wife of 19.5yrs, so one of my "allowed bad habits" is collecting big game rifles! My calibers are 22/250, 243s, 270, 7-08, 280, 7mags, 30/06s, 300 Wby Mag, 308 Lazzeroni Warbird, 35 Rem, 45/70s & 50cal MLs. If I HAD to liquidate all but 1 rifle I suppose I'd keep one of my 7mags, because they are just so versatile!

Now having said all that, for your asking about another TN deer cartridge... you would REALLY like a nice, sweet 7-08!!!
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