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I have used both the commercial blends you see at places like Gander Mountain, as well as mixing my own while buying seed from farm supply sources. There does appear to be a difference...sometimes....maybe some of the hybrids used in some of the mixes are better.

As for Full Draw, it is a great annual mix to put down in mid-August. I planted some a couple different times and the deer tore it up!

One other note....clover needs moisture to establish and to keep going. I planted a new plot of clover last spring and due to the heat and drought much of it died off. I had chicory and some brassica in it (the brassica as a sort of nurse crop), and even though the chicory and brassica made it, the deer weren't terribly interested in the field once the clover was gone. So just something to keep in mind...if you are planting in an area that tends to dry out fast, like a hilltop or some other area that drains fast, you might want to plant something that is more drought resistant. Maybe have a farmer drill in some alfalfa for you, for example.
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