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I wouldn't even start thinking about a kind of dog at this time. There are way too many dogs that will do what you're asking. No idea where the southern tier of ny is. Anything below Saratoga Springs is south for me. That said, there are a ton of NAVHDA chapters around for you to scope out the versatile breeds. I would definately look up a guy on Long Island named Steve Anker who will show you some other breeds.

Find some that range far. Some that range close. Slow dogs and fast dogs. Pointers and flushers. Then start forming an opinion of what you like. Do you even want a pointing dog or a flushing dog? I think you have a really awesome journey ahead of you. Take the time and figure out what you like before going any direction.

At the end of the day though, we all know you'd get a "Insert Dog Breed Name Here."

Good luck.
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