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Congrats on the doe. I had one coming at me at 1145am on Saturday, down wind. I saw her at 200 yards, didn't even stand up cause I knew I was busted. About 15 minutes earlier I took a piss off the climber up 20 feet.

As the doe came in the wind was swirling SE to SW. As the wind changed so did the doe, always keeping her head into the wind. Pretty cool to watch as I've seen it before but not to the extent on Saturday. The doe came in to 60 yards an started to throw the nose in the air. Wind changed from SW to SE and she move with it. With a SE wind out 60 yards, she was in the scent stream and sure enough, she turned, snorted and off she went.

Climbed down and moved 400 yards to another location for the evening hunt. Gave a hall pass to at spike right at sunset.
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