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Default Perception of a deer hunter (...sheesh!)

Interesting perception of what people think of a deer hunter:

Okay, so I was just at the little Quik Mart/gas station up at the end of my road. I just needed to pick up a pack of cigars and a 6 pack of Yuengling beer before the Sunday football games start. While fumbling in my pocket for change, I took my whole set of car keys and plopped them on the counter.

The guy {Disclaimer - I have no idea what nationality and am not profiling, if you know what I mean...} looked at my keys and saw my (empty) .308 rifle casing attached to my keychain. He stared at it, and stared at it. After paying for my stuff, I said, "You like my lucky rifle cartridge?". He said, "Oh, you are a hunter. I didn't know. You could have been a serial killer or something!". I was totally stunned!! I said, "No, no, no... This is from my .308 rifle when I went deer hunting up in upstate New York on my sister's farm. I dropped a buck right in its tracks with one shot. So I decided to save the empty shell casing, drill a hole in it, and put it on my keychain!".

The guy finally understood (I hope). Sheesh...

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