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Fsh, I envy the fact that you have the property to let deer like that walk. It must be a nice feeling to call a mid 120 class deer a management deer. I myself guestimated that 8 point at upper 120's, my goal was a 130 plus class this year but after seeing such a nice well balance dark chocolate rack, my standards dropped by a few inches. If he would have made those last few steps he would have felt the arrow))). Nice old buck, big belly, nice barrel chest, guest him at 5.5.

Do me a favor Fsh, push some of those "management" bucks my way))).

I almost forgot my surprise. Tonight Mrs. SouthernMDArcher tells me after dinner "let's take a ride". We hop in the truck and head towards town and when we get to a certain road she says "turn here". Well I ended up at my local pro shop, walk in and she says " I know work is hectic and you are not getting the time to hunt that you want, I decided to get you an early Christmas/pick your spirits up present.

Pro shop guy hands me a brand new Bear Method bow, Nap Apache carbon rest. Then she hands me a reciept for a Trophy Ridge react sight that she ordered me. I am so lucky to have this women in my life..............and oh yeah.....the new bow and accessories are not half bad either.


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