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Being in range of where deer your targeting wants to be without it noticing anything unusual including noise makes for a good ambush.
That said i,ve tried scents,calls,wash, i do still wash most hunting cloths in baking soda and try to keep household and loud odors off them. Gear has scent and i don,t know of any proven way to be in a deers nose without it knowing. I expect any that wind me to have me figured.
Calls a favorite, doe or young buck, fawn has worked for doe but awfull noisy. Last few deer were bushwacked. No idea i was around.
I smoke when hunting,drink coffee and wheelchair has foreign oder too,playing the wind most important. Staying out of deers route,still in range has produced better success than getting found out coming and going after i leave. To many times i,ve seen where they checked where hunters set up. Watched them "track"people too. Best investment, being a bump on a log or equivalent.
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