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That was a productive evening in the woods even with the light drizzle/rain. In stand at 3pm, at 3:20 I see a nice 8 point chocolate rack buck slowly working my way from the left. I watch him from 60 yards and guess him at upper 120's, just when he hits the 40 yard mark I need him to take about 5 more steps to clear a holy tree and a doe comes down off the hill right in front of me.

The doe kept looking back from were she came and the 8 point did not even see her. All of a sudden that spike buck I keep seeing comes screaming out of the thick brush behind her and starts dogging her. The 8 point see's this and goes after the spike and pushes him off her. I lose sight of the 8 point but can see the spike with his nose to the ground searching for a doe. Suddenly off my left at about 80 yards I catch the 8 point working his way to get down wind of me. He gets about 30 yards from my left and hangs up, then I see a doe pop up in front of him and he is off after her. The spike decides he would like to run her down too.

I watched for the next 20 minutes the doe, 8 point and spike run back and forth in front of me just out of range. Finally the 8 point turns on the spike and chases him out of there. He returns 3 minutes later and runs the doe out of sight. 10 minutes after that the spike comes in from behind me and stops 10 yards directly in front of me. He feeds on acorns for a few minutes then wonders off. 30minutes later I have two doe come in off my right side in front of me and feed for a few minutes then they wander off.

Literally about a minute after I lose sight of the two doe and 9 point buck comes strolling down the trail, I grunt once he stops, darn no shot. He then takes off running up the hill and when he gets about 30 yards up the hill I see the two doe running. Close to tagging a buck tonight guys.................finally seeing some good bucks and they are starting to cruise.

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