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Good job slowdraw! I had less success. Starting off I was so excited about hunting Saturday I kept waking up anticipating the alarm. After a while, you guessed it, I fell so deep asleep I missed my alarm. When I woke up it was already light and to add insult to injury there were 4 does in my front lawn. Trying to get in after light has already proved futile this year so I scratched my morning hunt. In the evening as I was getting ready I realized that I had let my wife use my car which had some of my gear in the trunk. I didn't have my pack, shooting glove,face mask, gloves, shears, arm guard or turkey calls. I had an old glove and borrowed my kid's arm guard and modified it to fit with a carabiner. I had my two 9 yr old twins with me so I put them in a shooting house I have on the property and I set up on the ground about a hundred yards away, keeping in contact with radios. After a couple hours I spotted a red fox making his way through the woods about 40 yards away. After checking online with my phone to be sure I could legally kill it I tried calling it over with some lip squeeks by kissing the back of my hand. It took a bit of convincing but it eventually started my way. At 17 yards I drew but then decided that was a mighty small target and probably should let it get closer. It then turned towards me and I couldn't let down without being spotted. So I held my 53# recurve at full draw. He mosied ever so slowly my way, still head on, no shot. By the time he was 10 yards away my arm was shaking and back was screaming. I hadn't shot enough this year to build up my strength as much as I normally do because too much was going on and it was coming back to haunt me now. He finally turned to my left offering a broadside shot. I missed by a couple inches in front of his nose. The arrow skipped off into the unknown and the fox double timed it out of there but I was able to stop it with more squeeks. He kept his distance at 40 yards and circled behind me. I later heard the squirrels on my neighbor's scolding him as he passed through. It was still fun and a clean miss is the next best thing to a good hit.
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