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well just got back for ohio's early muzzy season & i missed a big 10 pointer on monday @ 7:50 am (which seems to be my magical hour ) actually i got busted by him ; never seen him coming in thick area.
on tuesday i got robbed; this couple of yahoo's shoot @ a nice 8pt & hit it in the front leg & it takes off like bat out of #ell & runs past 3 other guys who miss completely & runs into my area & i shoot & knock it down& basically kill it just waiting for it to expire & these 3 yahoo"s come & claim the deer they hit only in the front leg & never put a fatal shot in it & we get into a big agrument & no body around with me who is hunting with me & 3 guys differltly look like something out of deliverance & tell me it"s there deer because they hit it first & it run from them( total distance from them to me was 1/4 mile) long story short; i did"nt have a chance in [email protected] getting out alive if it went to blows 1 had a shotgun which was illegal but claims he was hunting turkey in a deer only spot. so i told them they must need the deer more than i do. so take it you bunch of slobs. called the game warden later & said basically he could"nt do anything about it ,since they were gone. but he also assured me a unwritten rule it" s the 1st fatal shot who gets the deer. but being on public land he heres alot of that going on espically with this kind of slob group ; basically stealing deer from other hunters. next time i will be better prepared.
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