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Fork Horn
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Matt, that sucks. Hope that gets taken care of and I know it's awful to be at work and you yourself are unable to take any action. This crap happens to often. Some friends of mine have a lot of property all timber until you reach this large creek and they have some dandy's on their place. 2 cameras were taken last year and they believe they know who did it and they also have the same 2 people hanging stands right over the fence. Now that isn't illegal of course but everyone knows you do it to get a shot across. The neighbor has also seen someone come out of my friends land as well. If you want to hunt those deer and bait them over to your land then so be it but don't cross the line...the fence line that is.

SlowDraw, I agree completely. If a deer doesn't get your heart going at all then it's not the one for you. I always tell myself if I really have to think about shooting this deer then I should pass because all you are doing is talking yourself into it.
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