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Originally Posted by I AM THE WOODS View Post
so i been thinkin on openin day of archery where i will hunt...i have a spot in purty deep cover that has 4 or 5 deer trails goin through it...when i hunt it i usually hunt about 100 yds. out from where the deer trails are where it begins to open up...but from the clearing cant see the deer trails because of thick cover...should i go in deep and setup within 30 yds. of the deer trails n risk blowin my cover n spookin deer out of there...or play it safe n hunt the clear cut n try to get lucky seein one goin in or out?...both tactics have advantages n disadvantages...havin a hard time decidin...
I would go n deep and set up withing 30 yards. Your last choice in your post. That is if your still haven a hard time deciding.
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