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Originally Posted by Sniggle View Post
Compound bow..takes skill and practice so success is all that much sweeter.
i wouldnt say it takes much more skill. I hunt with compounds and traditional recurves, and have shot my friends crossbow once. I can assure you shooting off hand with a crossbow is equal to shooting a compound. people say crossbows are faster, not really. Matthews, Bear, PSE, and Hoyt all have bows just as fast, if not faster than most crossbows. One advantage to the crossbows is you can use a rest.

I prefer using a compound bow. There smaller and easier to get around with. Most weight about 4lbs and are around 32" axle to axle. I also think they can be more fun to shoot. But target practice long range with crossbows is fun.

go with what ever interests you more. don't listen to the crossbow haters, there full of it.
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