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Originally Posted by Mass Nutrition Inc View Post
Hey Rack, Try out a plotmaster. There are several models to choose from and you can plant multiblend seeds with out breaking seed hulls or seed seperating in the box while planting. It comes complete with double gang disc, drag and cultipacker and would reccomend the chisle plow attachment for breaking upen hardpan or new ground as well as allowing water and oxwgen flow in the soil. I plant from Alabama to Mo for clients and for a one peice unit that can disc, plow, drag seed and cultipac I do not have to hook and un hook 4 to 5 different attachments to get the job done. if I can help further let us know and wish you we llon your plots this year.
If his old lady is still lookn over his shoulder & "keepin score" of his equipment expenditure$, she'll have a flatout conniption fit when she sees the price tag on a Plotmaster!

I'm all for quality equipment & believe that you get what you pay for, but whoever priced the PMs must have a serious substance addiction!
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