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Ok, I did make a mistake. I know a Ray real good at the Denver office, and it must have been on my mind. He only works there during the time when tags are being sold before April. He's not in the office now. There is no Ray working there that answers that number I posted. Which shows grouse never called. He's just trying to get my phone number.

What I should have put was Ryan. That's who i've been talking to, and I just talked to him again. He's also going to have an e-mail sent to me verifying what i'm saying about the sabots being illegal.

He said he'd be glad to talk to anybody about the sabot law. So, we can get this all straightened out if someone would call Ryan at 1-303-297-1192. That's the Denver office.

Lets expose Grouse for who he is, and lets find out what the law is on sabots.
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