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Originally Posted by Muley Hunter View Post
I wanted to get deeper into too. I just got off the phone from the Denver office.

Do me a favor Grouse. Call this number, and ask for Ray. 1-303- 297-1192.

We just talked about 15min, and I even brought up that a PRB is under .500. He knows the law, and has talked to the law enforcement department. These are the guys who set the laws.

If you really want to know the truth and stay legal you'll call him. If you want to believe some clown from Bass Pro Shop (funny). Then you don't want to know the truth, and are ok with breaking the law.

Dial that number, and then hit 0 (zero). Ask for Ray so you don't have to explain the hole deal to someone new.

Show me you really care about staying legal.
I just got off the phone with them again. Please send me your phone number. They want to talk to you and get you to quit posting all this non sense you post on the internet. I will email your number to the Denver office and they will contact you right away. Im starting to wonder myself if you are an anti-hunter.
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