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Originally Posted by BetterBirddogs View Post
We'll guys got home from work today ready to jump in the shower and hunt. Got inside and the house was a mess. Someone broke in took my Mathews and my wife's Mathews our benellis my canon gl2 and a bunch of other stuff. Sucks. Ill be out of commission for a while but ill get a nice Deer killed. I need to get a bow bought now and I'll be good to go. The one day of tbe week I put our pitbulls in a crate instead of in the house. Damn. Ill come through though don't worry about me.
Man, that is just horrible. I hope you and your wife are okay. It's just so frustrating that some people can wreck the lives of others. I was just thinking yesterday that I really need to take inventory on some of the stuff in my house and your unfortunate circumstance convinced me that I should do that now. I know you are frustrated, which is understandable.
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