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If legal...I would have shot her, cut her up where she lay...and packed her out. W/O a framepack, you can use 2 good trash bags with the same amount of de-boned meat in both side, tie them together and carry over your shoulders like a yoke. Even a mature doe will be most likely less than 50#s of deboned meat...even 2 trips wouldn't be bad.

You start by cutting off her legs at the knee. Place her on her belly and cut her back of head to tail. Work on 1 side while you kneel at her belly. Pull the hide towards you so the rear is uncovered...the loins, neck, front shoulders. Chunk out the meat and put it in a bag. Take as much time as you need to clean the bones as much as you want...

Do the same to the other side and then reach in when you are finished and pull out the inner loins.

You never gut her...leave her where she lays and bring the head out if you need to tag something. Of course this is if legal in the state of KY

Just some thoughts didn't do anything wrong, it was a tough call either way. Maybe you will see her again?
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