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I hope BetterBird has a better day than I did. Man, it was pretty quiet. So I came home empty handed this time. First thing Saturday morning I had a couple of small doe in the field in front of me. Then had a really nice mature doe about 6 yds under my stand. Easy pluckins, but my video camera (mounting arm) wasn't working so I decided to wait and just film her by hand. That evening I sat in another stand (why do they call it a stand if you are sitting on it?) close to a bean field. Nothing there. The night before I had glassed that field from the highway and had several doe and a nice buck come in. So, go figure.
Sunday morning was a short hunt and had 3 does come in as a group but I moved too much and was busted when reaching for my bow. Then Sunday night didn't see a darn thing. The mosquitos were absolutely horrible!
The last buck caught on game cameras during the day was taken on Sept 13 and the velvet was freshly shed so I'm guessing they have already started to change their patterns.
EHD is taking a big hit in Missouri this year. The person running the RV park where we stay said someone reported 4 dead deer within the past week. We didn't have time to walk the entire creek on this property, but fortunately didn't smell death. Hope everyone else is gearing up and ready for action.
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