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Originally Posted by furgitter View Post
Animals get sick, hit by cars, beat up by other animals every day, all over the world. Not all injuries are imediately fatal. These are facts you know are true. Deep down inside, you know you did the right thing by not shooting her. In the days she has left she can teach her fawns allot of lessons in survival. Who knows? she may even survive the winter. I have seen many 3 legged deer make it more than a year after the injury.
x2! Deer (and really most wild critters for that matter) are really ALOT tougher and more adaptable than we "caring humans" realize. Mother Nature can be a cruel beyotch and the fact that the ol nag was still gettin around and motherin twins speaks for her toughness. I bet you'll see her around again. Deer are mighty mighty tough, the will to live is just far more than most of us can comprehend. I wouldn't let it bother you one more second.
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