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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
Ron these were W209s. And I am not talking abot them being terribly stuck in the BP. They were clean and very easy to pop out with the provided tool. I probably could have removed them with my fingers with a little effort. But I didn't want to break a nail - with the weekend coming up and all that!
I did have the CVA Blackhorn breechplug in and not the original. Maybe that is the difference.
I had no idea! Seems to me, pole dancing would be difficult for hefty dudes, and one would be more likely to break a nail pole dancing than removing a primer.

Perhaps the CVA Blackhorn breechplug is the difference. I wouldn't know. The breech plug i use is the one that came with the rifle, however it has been modified to be reliable igniting Blackhorn powder. W209 primer work good in my rifle.

The good thing here is you are happy with your rifle, and it shoots straight.
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