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Originally Posted by ronlaughlin View Post
This i found puzzling. Primers never stick in my V2, no matter the load. Perhaps it is the primers you are using, i didn't note what they were. In my V2 i have always used W209 or STS primer.

If the primers are sticking because of soot caked on them, perhaps using the o-ring Western Powders includes with their BH209 breech plug, will cure the issue. Replacement metric o-ring can be purchased from McMaster-Carr. Normally these o-ring are good for around 30 shot. Another advantage of the o-ring is it will keep the primer seat from being flame cut.
Ron these were W209s. And I am not talking abot them being terribly stuck in the BP. They were clean and very easy to pop out with the provided tool. I probably could have removed them with my fingers with a little effort. But I didn't want to break a nail - with the weekend coming up and all that!
I did have the CVA Blackhorn breechplug in and not the original. Maybe that is the difference.

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