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Thanks guys. I believe I will use the XTPs this year. So the next time out I will tweak the scope to get it properly sighted in. Because I got the Leupold Ultimate Slam scope on it once I sight it in at 100 yds I am going to shoot it at 200 to see where my aiming point hits the target. The scope reticle is set up for a 250 gr bullet and 150 gr of Pyrodex pellets. So my ballistics will be quite different. But its an easy fix.
You sight in at 100 then using the crosshairs on the same point shoot at 200. Mark and color in where the 200 yd group hit - then while aiming at the initial aim point with the center reticle you adjust your power ring until the 200 yd reticle dot is on the colored in area. Then mark the power ring.
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