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Default The V2's virgin range visit

I finally got to take the new V2 to the range this morning to do some preliminary load testing. Once at the range the first thing I did after popping a couple primers was to sight in the open sights (just in case). I then put the scope on and tightened the rings onto the base. I used 240 gr .429" cast bullets with Harvester sabots and 90 gr of BH209 to sight in the open sights. The sights proved to be good the way they were at 25 yds. The first shot with the same load and the scope was also on paper so I moved the target out to 50 yds. At the 50 yd distance I shot 3 shots each with 250 gr and 300 gr Shockwaves and 90 gr of BH209. The 250s were just under an inch and the 300s were just over an inch. (See first target) Not too good for 50 yds. I replaced the target and fired 3 shots each of the 240 gr cast and 300 gr Sierra .451" SP and 90 gr of BH209. The cast were about 1 1/2" but the Sierras were only 0.30" C-C. (See second target).
OK now lets see how they are at 100 yds. Staying with the 90 gr charge the 3 shots held a nice group and were a bit low right. I made a scope adjustment and shot 3 more of the Sierras with a 100 gr charge. The group opened up slightly.
My last target for the day I went back down to 90 gr of BH209 and shot 3 shots each of .429" 300 gr XTPs and 295 gr Powerbelts. The XTPs with the Harvester CR sabots were the tightest to load out of all but proved to be the most accurate. These were followed closely by the Powerbelts (.93" and .94" respectfully).
I know this is the first outing with the V2 and I still have some load work to do but my initial impression of the rifle is like this:
1. Is it a piece of junk as some claim? Definately not.
2. Does it have a lousy trigger? Again, no way. No creep at all. I
would say that this trigger rivals the triggers on my Browning
and Tikka centerfire rifles.
3. Is it accurate? You bet it is.
Summary: IMO the V2 is a stong accurate rifle. It functioned flawlessly. There was no blowback from the breech plug after 30 shots. And no misfires. With the 90 gr load the spent primers could come out easily with the fingers. With the 100 gr charge however they did stick a bit but popped out easily with the tool. Upon arriving home and beginning disassembly for cleaning the breech plug was easily removed without the use of any tools.
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