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Originally Posted by The Rev View Post
Iím good on this one; our first twenty years were about ME! We had four kids and it was about dad fishing and hunting WHEN I was home, I spent a lot of time on the road playing with so many different bands some got big and most didnít. I made a good living no one went hungry, but she went through pure hell, then I think I grew up. I got out of the music business and started hanging around home more and things got better and better. We got a place in the country because I got into horses and our youngest son and I teamed roped, weekend turned out to be a family week end with us roping in various towns. My wife and I feel head over heels in love again (it all about communication).
Twelve years ago I lost my wife to cancer and yesterday would have been our 41st anniversary; I miss her so much. I dreamed about her last night (our anniversary) and I hugged her in my dream and told her how much I missed her, she looked so beautiful and it seemed so real. I wish I could take back those ugly selfish 20 years but I canít. The only thing I can say is donít do anything you will one day regret.

Good post Rev.

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