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I am in Franklin county. 40 miles south of Harrisburg. You are on the western side. There has been some true giants that come from that area!
Let me tell you that we have no where near the quality deer that you have out there... Not saying that we do not have some quality deer but they are hard to come by. I have several very good deer on trail cam but nothing huge.

I put in a lot of time in scouting before and after season. I need to find new places but they are hard to come by. I lost ground 4 years ago that held several P&Y whitetails consistantly. I keep looking for quality ground to hunt but so far nothing.

Believe me harvesting does has helped the herd significantly. I am for reducing the herd and believe me i hear the same complaints from allot of people. Most of those guys are 1st day people and walk out and sit by a tree without putting any time in scouting. Not all are that way but more than enough are that way.

Good luck on that 180" buck! One year older and wiser!
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