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Guys, and Jenna, of course.
Fieldmouse is asking the captains to vote on the 'doe' points this year. This is for the captains to vote on and I mistakenly replied way too fast without discussing this with my wonderful team SO, I can change my vote if need to - no prob.
Here is his message that he sent along with my reply:


I was against letting them count because in the long run, I believe it will all end in a wash meaning the same number of Does will be entered for each team. However, after thinking about it and reading some replies, I'm all for it because I feel it will keep member involvement throughout the season.

We historically have seen a decrease in activity as members decide they can't help out with a buck. By allowing Does to count, I feel it will give folks more reason to check back in and stay up on everything.

I'm not voting, I leave it up to you guys to vote up or down. Whether or not you say yea or nay, please pick a value. 20 points sounded good enough to me. Maybe 25 or whatever. If you guys move forward with this, I will pick the most popular amount of do an average it and round to the nearest easy number for me to add to the team score.

KCMO reply:
Up for possible discussion:
At first I didn't really have an opinion one way or the other, but I see your point and it makes good sense, so I will vote for it. But to make it more interesting...
How about a 'Earn a Buck' incentive? 75 pts for a doe shot before your buck, and 40 points if your first doe is shot after your buck. Discussion? I think a doe is worth a little recognition!

So, I apologize for my error. If anyone would like for our team to vote against the extra points please speak up. I think our team is good with or without 'doe' points.

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