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What county are you in? Im in Beaver county. Beaver and Allegheny county have some good p&y bucks. You just have to have some patients and do a little home work. I also hunt in the Allegheny national forest in forest county. That is harder hunting but when i was a kid it was hard to see anything bigger than a 4pt. Now i see some awesome deer there. People complain about doe killing and there being no deer left. Believe me when i say that's not true. Yeah we no longer have these huge herds of 70+ doe and very few 1.5 yr old bucks running around everywhere like back in the day but try explaining to an old timer up there who doesn't understand how UNHEALTHY AND UNBALANCED that was. These guys don't understand how big those woods are and you actually have to do some pre season scouting now and have to go deeper in the woods than just 50 yards behind camp. Last year we had a Buck around my place well into the 180's and he actually made it through the season. Only time i ever had him close enough for a shot was during bear season. Go figure lol.
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