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Originally Posted by c5ken View Post
I have a Rem 1100 12ga 3"mag with a .655 Hastings choke. I've been shooting Rem & Win #4 turkey loads. I'm not happy with the performance at 40 yrds. Can someone suggest a choke (Size-ID and Make) so I can turn this gun into a 40/50 yard performer with #4 shot? Help...
I have a Rem 11-87 and have used it the past 20 yrs. I have a similar set-up as I use a Hasting Choke 0.665 and I use 3 inch Winchester Supreme #4 Copper Plated. I see no reaso to change to any other type shot as this has performed for me flawlessly - is far cheaper than Hevi shot and the other brands.
My set-up also includes a Nikon Monarch turkey Pro Scope and this gun is a 55 yarder if needed.
But I am proud to say with all the birds I have taken - my average is still 21 yards........some far closer and a few beyond that but I try to get them in close - so close so I can see the fuzz on their head.

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