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Default Less does, more rutting bucks?

anyone believe in the idea that harvesting does will help create an atmosphere in which bucks will have to work harder/travel more to get a doe and therefore you'd see more bucks/rutting activity?

where calls work better, rattling etc...

I remember seeing a program a couple years back,a high fence operation I think it was, that none the less kept a ratio of higher than 1:1 buck:doe, more like 1.5 bucks: 1 doe they felt was ideal

or do you think less does on your property means bucks going to your neighbors land and staying there? or at least venturing off your land onto the neighbors in search of does? or can you essentially have the best of both worlds? enough does on your land to keep the bucks there but not enough to mean they won't have to travel at all.

what do you think?

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